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Players that wear number 12 are players like Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs.

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Q: Who wears 12 in MLB?
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Tim Lincecum is one...

Who wears number 39 in the MLB?

anderw jones

Who wears number 1 in the MLB?

Brian Roberts

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dizzy dean

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jorge posada

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Vladimir Guerrero, the dumbest player in the game

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Joe Nathan and your mom

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Albert puolis Joe DiMaggio

Who picks the uniform that a baseball player wears into the hall of fame?

MLB not the player?

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Juan Pierre now playing for the LA Dodgers.

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Sam Demel Dbacks pitcher

Who wears number 12 for the New York Yankees?

Currently, Eric Chavez wears #12 for the Yankees.

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jimmy rollins ss philadelphia phillies

Who wears number nintey nine on San Diego Chargers?

Kevin Burnett MLB

Who wears is number 12 for the lakers?

Shannon Brown wears jersey number 12 for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Who currently wears the number 12 jersey for the New York Yankees?

Currently, there is no player on the Yankees that wears the #12.

When did MLB on Five end?

MLB on Five ended in 2008-12.

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currently wears fooball jersey number 12, and is playing in pro bowl 2014?

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What is the mimimum age of a player in MLB?


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Shane Victorino from the Phillies wears a double flap helmet.

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#12 Robert Nilsson - Edmonton Oilers

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Ben Foster

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Who wears the number 12 in basketball?

Dwight Howard