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Nikola Jovanovic

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Q: Who was utd's first international signing?
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Who scored Man Utds first goal in premier league?

Darren fleacher Darren fleacher

Who are man utds rivals?

Manchester city

Who coined the term international law?

The term "international law" first appears in an essay by Jeremy Bentham, The Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation ,written in 1789.

Is Rooney goin to real Madrid?

he might go with man utds debt going on

What was Manchester uniteds lowest home attendance what year what division where they in?

What was utds lowest attendance?

What is Man Utds Twitter handle?

The official Twitter handle of Manchester United is @ManUtd.

How long has Ryan giggs played for man utds first team?

sice 1990 591 appearances 109 goals to date if you ant more info search "Ryan Giggs" on

Why did the us oppose the signing the treaties of Versailles?

it did not want the U.S. to be involved in international politics.

Why did us congress oppose the signing of the treaty of Versailles's?

it did not want the U.S. to be involved in international politics.

What is Manchester utds stadium called?

Manchester United's stadium is called Old Trafford. It was built in 1909 and cost £90,000. The legendary stadium first opened on the 19th February 1910. This stadium can seat a massive 75,957 people, that's the second largest in England (first is the New Wembley Stadium with 90,000). While the New Wembley was being built, this stadium held a majority of England International football matches.

Who was the British player who won a champions league winners medal in 2001?

man utds Owen hargreaves with bayern munich

When will Valencia be back for man united?

Valencia will be back for man utds match against man city on the 12th of february