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Miguel Cabrera

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Q: Who was the youngest player to have consecutive 30 home run seasons pre 2007?
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Who is the youngest player to have consecutive 30 homer season pre 2007?

Miguel Cabrera

Was Josh Backett the youngest player to consecutive 30-homer season pre-2007?


When was the last time the giants were in the playoffs?

As of 2007, the Giants have made the playoffs in three consecutive seasons.

Who is the youngest player at the vikings 2007 training camp?

S. Rice

Who was the youngest baseball player to have consecutive 30 home run seasons before 2007?

Miguel Cabrera of the 2004-2005 Florida Marlins. Prior to 2007, there were four MLB players to have consecutive 30 HR seasons at the ages of 21 and 22 with Cabrera being the youngest by about 3 months ... 1) Miguel Cabrera - born April 18, 1983 - hit 33 HRs in 2004 and 33 HRs in 2005 for the Marlins. 2) Albert Pujols - born January 16, 1980 - hit 37 HRs in 2001 and 34 HRs in 2002 for the Cardinals. 3) Jimmie Foxx - born October 22, 1907 - hit 33 HRs in 1929 and 37 HRs in 1930 for the Philadelphia Athletics. 4) Ed Mathews - born October 13, 1931 - hit 47 HRs in 1953 and 40 HRs in 1954 for the Milwaukee Braves.

What were the last consecutive winning seasons for the Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs had winning seasons in 2007 (85-77) and 2008 (97-64), and as of this writing, stand one win away from 2009 being their third consecutive winning season. Before 2008, the Cubs had consecutive winning seasons in 2003 (88-74) and 2004 (89-73).In the time since the MLB season expanded to 162 games in 1962, the Cubs have had one other string of consecutive winning seasons: the six years from 1967 until 1972.Source:

Who is the youngest player to play for the New York Mets?

Carlos Gomez Gomez was actually the youngest player ever in the National League when he debuted on May 13, 2007 at just 21 years old

What running back holds the NFL record for most consecutive years scoring at least 10 rushing touchdowns?

LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers with 9 consecutive seasons (2001-2009) of 10+ rushing TDs per season. The next highest is Shaun Alexander of the Seattle Seahawks with 5 consecutive seasons (2001-2005). The active longest streak is 4 (2007-2010) by Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings.

What are the release dates for Seasons of Dust - 2007 SUSPENDED?

Seasons of Dust - 2007 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2007

What team holds the record for most consecutive losing seasons in Division I college football?

The all-time record for most consecutive losing seasons is held by Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas. PVAMU, a Division I-AA (FCS) school, compiled 31 consecutive losing seasons from 1976-2006. From 1989-1998, the Panthers lost an NCAA record (all divisions) 80-straight games, nearly doubling second-place Columbia's 44 consecutive losses. The Panthers finally achieved a winning 7-3 record in 2007 before going 9-1 in 2008, and again going 9-1 as well as winning the SWAC championship in 2009. Oregon State University ran up 28 consecutive losing seasons from 1971-1998 to earn the NCAA Division I-A (FBS) record for consecutive losing seasons. During that time the Beavers compiled a 65-238-6 record.

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