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what type of person ask somethin like this

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Q: Who was the youngest male tennis player to win a Grand Slam match?
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Who was the youngest female tennis player to win a Grand Slam match?

Martina Hingis advanced to the second round of the Australian Open in 1995 at the age of 14 years and 2 weeks.

Who recently became the first Irish tennis player to win a grand slam match?

Louk Sorensen

Is tennis outfit chosen for Grand Slam cleaned after each match?


Has a male player ever played against a female player in a Singles match of Tennis?

Not in a match match but I guess just for a fun game.

How many racquets can a player use in a tennis match?

A player can use only 1 racquet while playing tennis!!!

What is the difference between a Grand Slam tennis match and the ATP?

A Grand Slam is a tournament of the ranked players and it spans across different continents. There are 4 Grand Slams in a year. The ATP is the Association of Tennis Professionals.

Who was the youngest player in a qualifying match?

16 years old

Which tennis match in Grand Slam Competition is played on a clay court?

The French Open.

How many miles does a tennis player cover during a 3-set pro match?

The amount of miles that a tennis player covers during a 3-set pro match completely depends on the player and how match they move around when they play. The area covered could vary greatly depending on the player.

How many sets in a match in tennis?

3 for womans and 5 for men in a grand slam tournament

Who was the youngest player to win a match at the US Open?

According to Wikipedia (refer to the link, below), Tracy Austin was the youngest player to win a U.S. Open match, and, subsequently, that Championship at 16 years, 9 months in 1979.

Who was the youngest player to play worldcup cricket match?

Talha Jubair (Bangladesh) is the youngest player to play world cup cricket match. He was 17 years and 70 days in 2003 Cricket World Cup to play for Bangladesh

Who is the tennis player who has hit the most winners in 1 match?


Who was the youngest player to play a cricket test match for Australia?

Mark waugh

Is it called a tennis match or tennis meet?

It's a tennis match, and a track meet.

What happens if a tennis player neeeds to be called out of a game?

the player either forfiets or refueses to leave the match

Irish tennis player to win match Australian Open?

Luke Sorrenson

Who was the youngest player to play an international cricket match?

sachin tendulkar

Highest time taken in lone tennis match between which male players?

C'est un grand tele!

How many points to win a tennis match?

Regular match (2 sets): 48 points. Grand Slam (3 sets): 72 points.

Who was tennis player who ripped his shirt off after match?

Oh, that was probably Novak Djokovic.

What does wo mean in tennis?

When a player is ill of have an emergency so they cannot make their match.

Which female tennis player has served the most aces in a professional tennis match?

The most aces served by a woman in a match was 24 by Serena Williams in her match vs. Azarenka in the 2012 Wimbledon Semifinal and by Kaia Kanepi in her match vs. Safarova in the 2008 Tokyo First Round.

What is the maximum number of aces in a tennis match?

There isn't a maximum number of aces that a tennis player can make in a single tennis match. For example, Wimbledon has no tie-breaker in the fifth set, so the fifth set is limitless, so there is no maximum number of aces.

When did Dream Match Tennis happen?

Dream Match Tennis happened in 2006.