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Ronaldinho was named as the best soccer player in 2006.

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I believe it was Ronaldino (if that's how you spell it). im not sure...... sorry

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theo wallcott scored 3000 goals in 2004

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Q: Who was the world best player the year 2004?
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Who won the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2004?


Were maradona the best player in his year?

mardona is the best player in the world used now is messi

How many were nominated for the FIFA world player of the year trophy 2010?

Since 2004, FIFA have proposed a shortlist of 35 players eligible for the World Player of the Year trophy.

Who is best basketball player in the world this year?

Kevin durant

Who was last years best player in the world?

Last year best player in the world was Loinel Messi and it will never ever be C.ronaldo cuz he is crap !

What year did clarence seedorf win the world best player?

He did not win it

Who was name as the ICC of emerging player of the year 2004?

Irfan Pathan was named as the ICC Emerging Player of the Year 2004

Who is the best 90 year old hockey player in the world?

barrack obama

Is there any difference between fifa player of the year and world best player?

Actually they are same. But thre is a difference in the Europen footballer of the year.

Who is the best player on the Brazil team?

aguably ronaldhinio is the best since he is only 30 and has won fifa world player of the year twice

Who is the Soccer player with most goal in the world?

Im pretty sure its Lionel Messi hes my fav player but he was voted best forward of the year and best player of the year 2 times so yeah

Who is the world's highest paid football player for the year 2003 or 2004?

For the 2004 season it was Peyton Manning with $35 million. For 2003 it was Brian Urlacher with $15 million.