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Rajasthan Royals. They are the weakest team & the least expensive team.

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Q: Who was the winner of ist IPL tournament?
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Which team is Ipl inaugural winner?

Rajasthan Royals, led by Shane Warne, owned by Emerging Media, won the inaugral IPL tournament.

Who was the Man of the Tournament in IPL 6?

Rajasthan Royals Shane Watson was Man of the Tournament in IPL 6.

Where was the IPL Tournament 2009 held?

IPL 2 was held in Africa

Who is winner of IPL 2012?

Kolkata Knight Riders was winner of IPL 2012. It beat Chennai team in the finals.

Who is winner of ipl?

kolkota nights riders win ipl

Who won ipl 2009?

Deccan Chargers Hyderabad won the IPL 2009 tournament.

Who won last year ipl match?

The IPL tournament 2008 was won by Rajasthan Royals

Who is the winner of 2012 in IPL?


Who are the Champions of IPL?

The current champion is Chennai Super Kings the winner of the 2011 edition of IPL

Who will be winner of IPL 3?

The CSK (Chennai Super Kings) won the IPL 3 in 2010.

Who is the winner of ipl 2008?

Rajasthan Royals

How many teams are competing in the IPL - 7 tournament?


How many teams winner in IPL 2010?

There were 8 teams in IPL 2010 and Chennai Super Kings were the winners

Who is awarded as Man of the Tournament in IPL Cricket 2010?

sachin tendulker

Who is the winner of ipl 2012?

kolkata night riders

Winner of ipl 2010?

Chennai Super Kings.

Who is the winner of IPL tournaments 2009?

Deccan chargers

Who is the winner of IPL 2011?

Chennai Super Kings

What exemption do golf tournament winner get?

Lifetime invitation to play in Masters Tournament

Who was the winner of IPL 6 quarter final?

Rajasthan Royals take on Mumbai Indians in IPL 6 quarter final.

Why IPL are going to held outside of India and not in India?

Because of the General Elections, the Indian government could not promise the security arrangements that were required to manage the IPL tournament. Because of security constraints, the IPL governing body felt that it would be better to organize the tournament in some other place and then South Africa was chosen.

Which team did Priety Zinta represent in the IPL tournament?

Kings XI Punjab.

Who was the winner of orange cap in ipl-2?

murali vijay

Who is orange cap winner in IPL 2012?

Chris Gayle

Who was the winner of ipl 3?

Chennai Super Kings(CSK)