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Kansas City Royals great George Brett won American League batting titles in 1975, 1980, and 1990.

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Wade Boggs, the former left-handed third baseman for the Boston Red Sox, won five battle titles starting in 1983.

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No batsmen has scored three triple centuries.. Virender sehwag has scored two tripple centuries so far..

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Mark Waugh from Australia made 3 consective centuries in 1996 world cup

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Q: Who was the winner of five batting titles in the 1980s?
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Winner of five of six al batting titles from 1983 to 1988?

Wade Boggs

Winner of five of six American League batting titles from 1983 to 1988?

Wade Boggs

Who is the winner of five al batting titles from 1983 to 88?

Wade Boggs won 5 American League batting titles between 1983 and 1988. He batted .361 in 1983, .368 in 1985, .357 in 1986, .363 1987, and .366 in 1988.

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Wade Boggs won five American League batting titles: 1983 - .361 1985 - .368 1986 - .357 1987 - .363 1988 - .366

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