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Jake the snake Roberts

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Q: Who was the undertaker's first wrestling match opponent?
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What is being pinned in wrestling?

Being pinned in wrestling is when the opponent gets both of your shoulders on the mat (and holds it). The match is then over and the opponent wins the entire match (even if you have more points then him/her).

Why tights in a wrestling match?

First they aren't called tights they are called singlets, and the purpose of them is to not have clothes for the opponent to grab on to because the singlet is tight and not baggy

What is a buried alive match in wrestling?

Popularized during the boom of professional wrestling in the mid to late 1990's, a Buried Alive match is a no holds barred match where the objective is to literally bury the opponent alive in a pre arranged hole at the location of the match. The Undertaker of World Wrestling Entertainment was a notable participant in this type of match.

When was the first wrestling match?

A First Blood match is a no-disqualification match where in order to win a wrestler has to make his opponent bleed.

What was the undertakers age in his first match?

the undertakers age during his first match was 26 years, and now he is 42 in 2008 undertaker was 16 for his first wcw match 26 + 16 = 42 he was born on March 24, 1962 in Houston that means he is on 48 dude

Has John Cena ever tickled an opponent into submission during a wrestling match?

no!! what kind of question is that??~but the answer is nope

Who was in the the first wrestling match?

the first wrestling match was Undertaker vs. some other guy that doesn't wrestle anymore.... undertaker is my personal favorite

Who is consequences in wrestling?

If you mean side effects, you can get serious injuries from doing wrestling if you or your opponent execute a move wrong. When you're in a match, you rely on your opponent to help you carry out the moves safely, if one of you messes up, it could be very dangerous.

What are the rules of wrestling?

there is a lot of rules to wrestling like to get dq you have to use a weapon which means you lost the match and to win you have to pin your opponent by getting on top of them and hold them down for ten seconds there is a lot of rules to wrestling like to get dq you have to use a weapon which means you lost the match and to win you have to pin your opponent by getting on top of them and hold them down for ten seconds

How do you win in wrestling?

By pinning you opponents shoulder blades on the mat for three seconds. Gaining more points at the end of the match. Your opponent being disqualified. Your opponent forfeit the match.

What was the first match in Capitol Westling?

The first capitol wrestling match was The iron shiek vs. Andre the giant

How is wrestling rules different from wrestling now in the Olympics?

Professional wrestling is an enacted game where the winners and losers are decided even before the match starts. The wrestlers cooperate and help their opponent execute some moves on them. It is more of a drama Olympic wrestling is a sport where the aim is not to beat up your opponent but to put him on the mat and wrestle him to victory.

What is a buck naked match?

A buck naked match is a wrestling match consisting of 2 fueding female wrestlers, who eventually have to strip their opponent down to nothing. Similar to a bra and panties match except, all the way!!

Who invented the ddt wrestling move?

Jake "The Snake" Roberts invented the DDT in a match by accident, he was holding an opponent in a front face lock and tripped on his opponent's foot and fell backwards.

How is a wrestling match won?

By pinning your opponent, both shoulders must be on the mat, and must stay there until the count of 3. By submission which is putting your opponent in a hold that is painful that would make him not want to continue. By DQ, your opponent can get disqualified which would be do something illegal in the match which would then make you the winner. Or by count out, your opponent can get counted out if he is outside of the ring for a 10 count.

Who was the opponent in the first Test match of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh played his first Test match against India in 2000 at Dhaka.

Why did bastia interfer with undertakers match?

because he is stupid

What is the casket match theme?

the undertakers old theme

How does being heavy in sumo wrestling help you?

Before I answer your question, you need to know how a sumo match is won. The winner of a sumo match is either 1. the first wrestler to force his opponent to step out of the ring, or 2. the first wrestler to force his opponent to touch the ground with any part of his body other than the sole of his feet. Because of these rules, being heavy in sumo wrestling usually gives you an advantage. That is why we often see heavy or big sumo wrestlers. However, a smaller wrestler can use his skill to overcome his opponent.

When will be undertaker's next match?

The undertakers next match is at wrestlemania 28 where he is going to face hhh

Who invention wrestling?

Good question... The first wrestling match ever recorded was in the bible when Jacob "wrestled" an angel.

What was the first pro wrestling match to used weapons?

Plastic chair

When is undertakers last match?

Undertakers last match is when he gets beat at wrestlemania and if he does not get beat he will retire at 48 or he puts his carer on the line. If you got more wwe Q ask me Dale William lothian

Did the undertaker bury someone alive?

Wrestling is fake but yes they did show him bury his brother alive in a bury alive match where the objective is to bury you r opponent alive

How do you script a wrestling match between two people?

The storyline is scripted, the actual wrestling match is not