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Obviously Its Bobby Moore

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Q: Who was the uks first 10 million football player?
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football by far then its a contest between rugby & cricket

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uks uks

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At peak it was outputing 57 million tons of coal. This was some 50% UK ouput. Iron at peak was 40% of the UKs total output. For Iron a massive 40% of the UKs total output was actually made in Merthyr Tydfil at the Dowlais Iron Works.

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what was the UKs GDP in the 1960s;and where did it stand in the league of major European countries and where does it stand today.

What is uks continent?


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The next bank holiday will be December 27th - the first Monday following Christmas day.

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Ben Nevis.

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it is the fish of life

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GDP birth

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10 Downing Street

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Who is the member of UKs parliament (M)

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8.35m by Chris Tomlinson in 2011

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