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Archie Griffin, in 1974 and 1975.

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Q: Who was the two-time Heisman Trophy winner at Ohio state?
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When was the last time Michigan State had a Heisman winner?

Through the 2009 season, Michigan State has not had a Heisman Trophy winner.

Who won the Heisman Trophy in 1944?

there wasnt a heisman trophy winner in 1944. the heisman trphy did start until 1948 The winner of the 1944 Heisman Trophy was QB Les Horvath of Ohio State. The first Heisman Trophy was awarded in 1935 and was won by RB Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago.

Multiple Heisman Trophy winner?

Archie Griffin - Ohio State

Is there a big ten team without a Heisman winner?

Yes ... Indiana, Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern, and Purdue have not had a Heisman Trophy winner.

Which state has won consecutive Heisman and national champion ships?

Alabama 2009 National Champs & Heisman Trophy Winner Mark Ingram & Auburn 2010 National Champs & Heisman Trophy Winner Cam Newton

What team did Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George play for?

Ohio State

Who was the 1993 Heisman Trophy winner?

Charlie Ward of Florida State, 1993

Does the school of a Heisman Trophy winner also get a trophy?

Yes, I have seen the school's copy on display at Penn State.

Who was last years Heisman Trophy winner form Ohio State?

Troy Smith

Who wore number 10 and was a Heisman Trophy winner?

Troy Smith, Ohio State & #10

Who was the first Heisman Trophy winner not to sign to the nfl?

Charlie Ward, Florida State, 1993

Who was the Heisman Trophy winner in 1995?

The Heisman Trophy winner for the 1995 season was running back Eddie George of the Ohio State Buckeyes. During the season, George rushed for 24 touchdowns and a school-record 1,927 yards, an average of 152.2 yards per game. He was the sixth Ohio State product to win the Heisman.