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Peter Beardsley

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Q: Who was the team captain of Newcastle United Football Club before Alan Shearer?
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Which football team does shearer manage?

Newcastle United what a legend

Who are the players in Newcastle United Football Club?

There are currently thirty-one players on the Newcastle United Football Club. The captain is Fabricio Coloccini and the vice captain is Jonás Gutiérrez.

When did shearer retire from Newcastle united?


How much was allan shearer sold to Newcastle for?

Alan Shearer was sold from Blackburn Rovers to Newcastle United in 1996 for a world-record 15 million pounds!

All time record for goals scored by one player in any English football division?

It is Alan Shearer for Blaclburn Rover and Newcastle United.

Who has scored most own goals for Newcastle united?

Alan shearer

Did Alan shearer ever have a different job from a fooltballer?

He was also coach of Newcastle United.

Who are the previous wearers of the number 9 jersey for Newcastle United?

It was the famous Alan shearer.

Who is a bigger football club rangers fc or Newcastle united?

It is Newcastle United.

Which schools did Alan Shearer attend?

Alan Shearer (born August 13, 1970) is a retired English football player, in 2009 the manager of Newcastle United. He attended Gosforth Middle and Gosforth High School before signing with Southhampton in 1986.

Who has scored the maximum number of goals in BPL?

Alan Shearer for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United

Who holds record for most premiership goals?

It is Alan Shearer with Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United.