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Jim McMahon

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Q: Who was the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears the last time they won the Super Bowl?
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Who was the Chicago Bears quarterback in the 2007 Super Bowl?

The super bowl was the 2006-2007 season, and the Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman.

When did the Chicago bears win the super bowl?

The Chicago Bears won their only Super Bowl in 1985 (XX)

Who was the quarterback for the bears in the 2007 super bowl?

Rex Grossman

2 time winning Super Bowl quarterback with different teams?

Jim McMahon as starter with Chicago Bears and back up for Green Bay Packers

How many rings do the Chicago Bears have?

The Chicago Bears have won 1 Super Bowl championship. The Chicago Bears won the 1985 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

Who was the Super Bowl mvp in 2010?

Chicago Bears Linebacker Richard Dent won the Super Bowl XX MVP Award.

Who led the Chicago Bears to super bowl in year2008?

The Chicago Bears never went to the Super Bowl in 2008. They went in 1986 and 2006.

Who was the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL?

Ben Roethlisberger was the Steelers starting quarterback in Super Bowl XL.

Who was the quarterback in Super Bowl XXX for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Neil O'Donnell was the Steelers starting quarterback in Super Bowl XXX.

What Super Bowl team recorded the Super Bowl shuffle?

1985 Bears

When was the last time a non pro bowl quarterback went to the Super Bowl?

That was Super Bowl XLII. Eli Manning of the Giants was not selected to the Pro Bowl. Prior to that it was Super Bowl XLI when Rex Grossman of the Chicago Bears was not selected to the Pro Bowl.

Who face the colts at the Super Bowl?

Chicago bears