Who was the starting QB 1990 Bears?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Jim Harbaugh started 14 games and Mike Tomczak started 2 games at QB for the 1990 Bears.

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The QB for Chicago was clearly the best Jim McMahon.

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Q: Who was the starting QB 1990 Bears?
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Who was New England Patriots quarterback 1990?

The 1990 New England Patriots had three starting quarterbacks Steve Grogan, Marc Wilson, and Tom Hodson.1 vs the Dolphins - starting qb: Steve Grogan2 @ the Colts - starting qb: Steve Grogan3 @ the Bengals - starting qb: Marc Wilson4 vs the Jets - starting qb: Marc Wilson5 vs the Seahawks - starting qb: Marc Wilson6 Bye Week7 @ the Dolphins - starting qb: Marc Wilson8 vs the Bills - starting qb: Steve Grogan9 @ the Eagles - starting qb: Steve Grogan10 vs the Colts - starting qb: Marc Wilson11 @ the Bills - starting qb: Marc Wilson12 @ the Cardinals - starting qb: Tom Hodson13 vs the Chiefs - starting qb: Tom Hodson14 @ the Steelers - starting qb: Tom Hodson15 vs the Redskins - starting qb: Tom Hodson16 @ the Jets - starting qb: Tom Hodson17 vs the Giants - starting qb: Tom Hodson

Who wore number 80 for the Chicago Bears in 1990?

QB Mike Tomczak wore #18 for the Bears from 1985-1990.

Is ryan a boy or a girl?

He's a man who is going to the Chicago Bears and will be the starting QB

Who is the Chicago Bears QB 2012?

At the moment, Jay Cutler #6 is the starting quarterback followed by Jason Campbell #2.

How many super bowl rings does Jim McMahon Have?

Two. One as the starting QB for the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX and one as the backup QB for the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXI.

Who was the QB for the Chicago Bears in 2004?

Rex Grossman

Who was the QB for the New Orleans Saints in the mid 1990's?

Jim Everett was the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints from 1994 to 1996.

Who is the only Super Bowl qb to rush for 2 touchdowns?

Jim McMahon - QB of the 1985 Chicago Bears.

What the qb name for NFL vikings?

starting qb is Brett farve.

Will the Bears get rid of Jay Cutler?

NO! This guy is the franchise QB

Is Terrelle Pryor starting QB for Ohio State?

Yes Terrelle Pryor is the starting QB. He be Todd Boekman to the job.

Who has thrown the most interception in 2009?

Jay Cutler, QB, Bears