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Nate Robinson

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Q: Who was the shortest player to win the NBA's slam dunk contest?
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Who is the shortest person to ever dunk a basketball on a ten foot rim?

The shortest person to dunk on a ten foot rim is not Anthony Spud Webb, it's Mugsy Bogues. Webb was the shortest person to win the NFL dunk contest.

Who won the most nba dunk contest?

If you think MIchael Jordan your wrong Nate Robinson won 3 dunk contest while MJ won 2 fact: Nate Robinson was the shortest person to win a Dunk contest

Who was the shortest player ever to win a slam dunk contest?

The shortest player to win an NBA dunk contest was Spud Webb who went to college at North Carolina State. He was 5' 7" and was a fourth round draft choice of the Detroit Pistons in 1985. Webb played in the NBA for 12 seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Orlando Magic. He won the NBA's slam dunk contest at the All-Star game in 1986. Click on the 'Spud Webb Slam Dunk' link on this page to see a video of him in action at the 1986 Slam Dunk Contest.

How do you do a shoot pass in a dunk contest in nba street v3?

You can not shoot pass in dunk contest because one street player is available per dunk.

Who is the NBA player who hasn't won the NBA slum dunk contest?

There are plenty of good dunkers who haven't won the slam dunk contest.

Who won the NBA 2008 dunk contest dunk contest?

Dwight Howard won the slam dunk contest in 2008. It was one of the best slam dunk contest, i suggest you watch it.

Who is the shortest college basketball player?

Jacob tucker who playes for Illinois state he is currently 5"1 he also recently won the Allstate slam dunk contest

Which NBA player hasn't won the NBA Slam Dunk contest?

There are many, many NBA players who haven't won the dunk contest. Few have won it.

Does NBA2K11 have a dunk contest?

Yes it does but im not quite sure if it's in the association or my player mode yet but there isi a dunk contest, you can find it in the main menu.

Does nba 2k11 for ps2 have dunk contest or your player mode?


Does NBA 2k10 have a dunk contest?

yes NBA2K1O does have a dunk contest on NBA blacktop

How do you have a dunk contest in NBA 2k10?

u have to go to blacktop and it will say dunk contest

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