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If you are reffering to the female sharpshooter than the answer is Annie Oakley.

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Q: Who was the sharpshooter in Buffalo Bills wildwest show?
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What where accomplishments Annie oakley did?

Anne Oakley did many great things like be the first woman sharpshooter and be the first woman sharpshooter in the Buffalo bills wild west show.

Annie oakley's impact on the world?

She is Amazing just like my horse, SAIL. She was the first woman to be a sharpshooter and she was in Buffalo Bills wild west show.

For what actions is Annie Oakley most remembered?

She is remembered as a sharpshooter in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.

Where was Annie Okely as a sharpshooter?

Anne Oakley even joined Bufallo Bills wild west show to entertain as a sharp shooter.

Which people wear Buffalo Bills hats?

The Buffalo Bills are an NFL American football team. Therefore it is the fans of this team who wear Buffalo Bill hats to show support for their team. They are styled on the snap back hat.

Did Annie Oakley really star in Buffalo Bills wild west show?


Who was billed as the killer of Custer in buffalo bills in wild west show?

Sitting Bull

Who was the greatest sharp shooter in Colonel Buffalo Bills show in Annie Get What if your Gun?

Frank Butler

What did Annie Oley do in the Buffalo Bills wild west show?

trick ride and trick shooting

What did Buffalo Bill do to make himself famous?

Buffalo Bill, aka William F. Cody, was made famous the world over by his traveling show, "Buffalo Bill' Wild West." His show featured not only himself, but also such heroes as sharpshooter Annie Oakley, Buck Taylor -- the first King of the Cowboys, and Chief Sitting Bull.

Who was the female cowgirl is best known for her sharp shooting in Buffalo Bills wild west show?

Annie Oakley

How was Buffalo Bills wild west show out of date?

His show was out of date because it started in 1883 and the "wild west" ended right about the same time