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Q: Who was the scab QB for the Packers in 1982 and is there a roster of the strike replacement players?
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Who has a list of the Pittsburgh Steelers strike roster?

Click on the '1987 Steelers Roster' link below to see the roster of the 1987 Pittsburgh Steelers. All players listed that have a caret (^) next to their name were replacement players.

Did the 1987 Washington Redskins replacement players receive Super Bowl rings?

No. In fact, replacement RB Wilson was suing Skins for not getting a ring (that's as of 1990. Can't find any information as to settlement of his suit). A few replacement players did get rings, but they were the ones who remained with Skins after the strike; thus, they were no longer considered "replacement players". Replacement players did get winner's shares checks for NFC Championship Game and for Super Bowl, though.

Was there a player named Kenny Allen on the roster of Dallas Cowboys strike players in 1987?

A Ken Tippins (LB, Middle Tennessee St.) was on the roster in 1987. There was a Kenny Duckett (WR, Wake Forest) that played on the team in 1985. === The 1978 Cowboys did not have anyone with the first name of "Kenny" on the active roster. Unfortunately, the official media guide does not give the players' middle names. If you know someone who claims to be a former Cowboy, call his bluff and ask him for proof (and no, claiming that he "tried out" for the Cowboys does not make him an ex-Cowboy!).

Who was the replacement player for the Washington Redskins during the 1987 NFL strike who came back as a regular player?

Defensive back Dennis Woodberry was a replacement player for the Redskins in 1987 and wound up on the roster for the Super Bowl and the following season.

Why was the September 27 1987 football game between Dallas and Buffalo cancelled?

I think it was due to a strike by the players. If I remember correctly the 1st two weeks of the season were played. The following week the players went on strike and no games were played, which probably would have been the Sept. 27th game. The next week replacement players were used.

Who was the top receiver on the redskins strike team that was kept on the roster?

Anthony Allen

When are there a lot of players in Counter Strike?

There should be a lot of Counter Strike players during daytime and at the weekends.

How do players get in the Major League Baseball 08 the show?

In order for players to be playable players in "MLB 08 The Show," they must have played at least 1 game in the previous Major League Baseball season and they cannot be 1 of the players that are known as "replacement players" meaning players who played during the 1995 season while there was a Baseball strike ongoing, this is because the replacement players are banned from entering into the Players' Association which means they cannot be in any games that are under license with Major League Baseball and the Players' Association.

Has a players strike begun in the CFL?

Players' strike has already begun in the Canadian Football League (CFL) following distribution of strike ballots by priority mail.

Did the Chicago Bears play the Philadelphia Eagles in 1987?

Yes, on October 4 in Philly ... the Bears won 35-3. This game was the first of three the Bears would play with replacement players as the NFL players went on strike.

What was the name of the union that went on strike against the packers?

A+...meat workers union

Is it true that the reason the NBA players are on strike is that the flubber miners are also on strike?