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Marty Bystrom.

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Q: Who was the rookie pitcher the Phillies started in the 1980 World Series?
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Has a starting rookie catcher and starting rookie pitcher played in same playoff game?

In the 1947 World Series, the New York Yankees started rookie pitcher Spec Shea and rookie catcher Yogi Berra in Game 1. In the 2007 National League Division Series (NLDS), the Philadelphia Phillies started rookie pitcher Kyle Kendrick and rookie catcher Carlos Ruiz in Game 2. There are probably others.

What former phillie holds the marlins record for saves as a rookie?

I couldn't find a rookie Marlins that played for the Phillies that has the record for most saves as a rookie. However, Dontrelle Willis in his rookie season had 14 wins, a Marlins team record for a rookie. He is currently on the Phillies.

What is the duration of The Rookie web series?

The duration of The Rookie - web series - is -300.0 seconds.

Who was the last rookie pitcher to win the Cy Young Award?

The only rookie pitcher to win the Cy Young award was Fernando Valenzuela in 1981. He was also named Rookie of the Year.

When did The Rookie - web series - end?

The Rookie - web series - ended on 2008-04-21.

When was The Rookie - web series - created?

The Rookie - web series - was created on 2007-01-15.

Who is the rays rookie pitcher of 2010?

David Price. I guess he's still a rookie, right?

How many innings before a rookie pitcher no longer a rookie?

More than 50 innings for a pitcher and more than 130 AB for a position player

What rookie pitchers have started a World Series game?

a bunch. here's a list of the youngest world series starters:

Who is David price?

rookie pitcher on the Tampa bay rays

How old was pitcher satchel Paige in his rookie season?


Who was the 2002 Nascar Busch Series Rookie of the Year?

In 2002, Scott Riggs was the Nascar Busch Series Rookie of the Year. It is now known as the Nationwide Series.

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