Who was the reds last manager?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Jimmy Collins was the first manager of the Red Sox. He coached from 1901 to 1906, and won a World Series championship in 1903.

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Q: Who was the reds last manager?
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Who was the last player to act as general manager for his team?

Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds was the last player-manager in baseball.

Who was the last player-manager?

Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds between 1984-1986.

Who Was last player manager in baseball?

In MLB, that was Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds between 1984-1986.

Who was the Cincinnati Reds manager when they won the World Series in 1990?

Lou Piniella. Piniella was manager of the Reds between 1990-1992.

Who was the youngest Cincinnati Reds manager?

His first role as a general manager was with the Cincinnati Reds at age 31 in 1992. When he took this position, he was the youngest general manager in the history of Major League Baseball. He continued with the Reds until being fired in 2003.

When was Pete Rose manager of the Reds?

1984-1989. Pete Rose took over as player/manager of the Reds after he was traded to the Reds from the Montreal Expos in August, 1984. He was player/manager through 1986 and manager from 1987-1989. His managerial, and MLB, career ended on August 24, 1989 when he was placed on MLB's ineligible list due to allegations of gambling that he did not formally challange. His career record as manager of the Reds was 412-373.

Manager of the cincinati reds in 2004?

Dave Miley, a longtime manager in the Reds minor-league system, guided the parent club from 2003 to 2005.

What was the last team Pete Rose was on?

Pete rose was last on the Cincinnati Reds as a player when he retired on November 11 1986 and continued on as a manager until he was indefinitely banned from baseball on August 24 1989.

What teams did Sparky Anderson win the World Series with?

Sparky Anderson won the World Series three times as a manager. The first two were with the Cincinnati Reds in 1975 and 1976, the last one was with the Detroit Tigers in 1984.

Who was the manager of the Mighty Reds prior to Fergie?

Ron atkinson.

Who replaced Sparky Anderson as manager of the Cincinnati Reds?

John McNamara in 1979.

Who was the LA Dodgers manager last year?

Last year's manager (As of 2010) was Joe Torre