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Texas Rangers may 14, 2003

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Q: Who was the red sox opponent the last time fenway park was not sold out?
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How many hot dogs are sold in fenway park a season?


Did the New York Yankees own Fenway Park?

No, they did not. Actually yes they did. The deed to Fenway Park was part of the deal when the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees

How much was Babe Ruth's contract sold for?

Boston sold Babe Ruth's contract to the Yankees for $125,000 and a $350,000 loan against the mortgage on Fenway Park.

What is the value of 1948 red sox individual photos with envelope given out at fenway this is the whole team?

A set sold last year on ebay for $99.99

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There are several ways to get tickets to see the Red Sox play at their home field, Fenway Park. Tickets can be obtained via the official Red Sox website or by calling 888-REDSOX6. They are also sold at the park a few hours prior to games, based upon availability. Ace Tickets is the team's official ticket partner, but services such as StubHub or Ticketmaster also sell them.

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About 50,000 were sold before and during the game. For 2009, the figure was just over 55,000.

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Yes, because even though 5000 people attended, every ticket was sold so many people chose not to go.

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