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Johnny Unitas

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Bert Jones.

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Q: Who was the quarterback for the colts in 1967?
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What is Peyton Mannings known for?

Being the star quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.

Did Peyton Manning die?

No, he did not. Peyton Manning is still the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.

Who is the second team quarterback for the Colts?

For the 2008 season, that is Jim Sorgi who has been the Colts second team quarterback since the 2004 season.

Who was the colts quarterback in 1988?

Jack Trudeau

Who is the the backup quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts?

Manning was the Colts 1st round draft choice in 1998 and started every game that season. The Colts starting quarterback in the 1997 season was Jim Harbaugh and the backups were Paul Justin and Kelly Holcomb.

Who has been a Indianapolis Colts Quarterback?

Peyton Manning

Who was the Bsltimore colts quarterback in 1971?

John Unitas.

Who is the captain of the Indianapolis Colts?

Quarterback Peyton Manning.

Who is the quarterback of the Colts?

peyton manningdrew willycurtis painter

Who was the quarterback on the Colts before Harbaugh?

Jeff George

Who was colts quarterback before harbaugh?

Jeff George.

Who was the last quarterback for the Baltimore colts?

Mike Pagel.