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Joe Gilliam was the Quarterback prior to Terry Bradshaw, and he wore number 17. Before Gilliam and Bradshaw was Terry Hanratty and he wore number 5.

Dick Shiner was the starting QB in 1969, the year before Bradshaw was drafted. Also playing in '69 was Terry Hanratty who was a rookie in 1969. Joe Gilliam was not drafted by the Steelers until 1972.

Terry Hanratty

Terry Bradshaw's first season with the Steelers was 1970. For the 1969 season, the Steelers had Terry Hanratty, Dick Shiner, and Kent Nix as quarterbacks on their roster.

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Q: Who was the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers before Terry Bradshaw?
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Who was the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1977?

Terry Bradshaw and Terry Hanratty both shared the starting quarterback duties in 1970. This was Terry Bradshaw's rookie year and he completed 83 of 218 passes while Terry Hanratti completed 64 of 163. The Steelers finished that season with a 9-5 record.

Who was Joe Gilliam?

Joe Gilliam was a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1972-1975. Joe was the starting quarterback for the Steelers in 1974 for the first 6 games, before being replaced by Terry Bradshaw.

Who was the quarterback before Terry Hanratty for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Dick Shiner was the Steelers' starting quarterback in 1968 and 1969.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback before Tommy Maddox?

Kordell Stewart

Who was the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers before Terry Bradshaw?

Tommy Maddox was the Steelers starting quarterback before Ben Roethlisberger.

Was there a black quarterback for The Steelers before Bradshaw?

Joe Gilliam actually started when Terry Bradshaw was sat down (or injured). Gilliam died of an overdose.

Did Kordell Stewart only play the quarterback position for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No. Before he was starting quarterback, Kordell Stewart was a wide receiver in 1995 and 1996.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers coach right before Dungee?

when tony dungee was a player with the steelers, never a coach. He played in the 70's with Terry Bradshaw, with coach chuck noll.

What hall of fame quarterback was released by the Pittsburgh steelers before playing for the Baltimore colts?

Of course, we know it was Johnny Unitas.

Is Ben Roethlisberger a quarterback on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently in 2014, the Steelers have threequarterbacks. Ben Roethlisberger, Bruce Gradkowski and Landry Jones.

What position did Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger play in high school before changing to a high school quarterback?

Roethlisberger played wide receiver until his senior year in high school.

Who were the backup quarterbacks for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011?

In 2011, Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon backed up starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster. Another backup, Byron Leftwich, was placed on injured reserve before the season and did not play.