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Joe Namath joined the Jets in 1965. The starting QB for the Jets in 1964 was Dick Wood. Mike Taliaferro and Pete Liske were the backups in 1964.

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Before Mark Sanchez Brett Favre was the QB for the Jets. For more information check out and for more Jets information follow the link on the website to the jets101 site.

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Brett favre

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Q: Who was the quarterback for the Jets before Mark Sanchez?
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What is the quarterback for the Jets?

Mark Sanchez

Who is jets head quarterback?

Mark Sanchez

Has a hispanic quarterback won playoffs?

Mark Sanchez of the jets has

How tall is mark sanchez jets quarterback?

Mark Sanchez is 6 ft 2 inches (6'2'').

Was Tim Tebow a first string quarterback for the New York Jets in 2012?

No, he was not. In 2012, Mark Sanchez was the New York Jets first string quarterback.

Who was the quarterback at usc before mark sanchez?

Matt Leinart

How did Mark Sanchez become famous?

Mark Sanchez became famous as a quarterback for USC. He was drafted by the NY Jets in 2009. He is also popular because of a his Mexican-American heritage.

How many players did usc lose in 2009?

most notably the trojans lost quarterback mark sanchez to the new york jets

What position does Mark Sanchez play?

Mark Sanchez plays Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What year did mark sanchez go to the jets?

He was drafted by the Jets in 2009.

How long has mark sanchez played for the jets?

He was drafted by the Jets in 2009.

What is jets quarterbacks name?

mark sanchez