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Craig Morton became starting QB for the Broncos in the 1977 season. In the 1976 season, Steve Ramsey started 12 games at QB and Craig Penrose started 2 games. Punter Norris Weese also played QB in a backup role.

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In the 1982 season, the season prior to Elway's arrival, Steve DeBerg started 5 games, Craig Morton started 3 games, and Mark Herrmann started 1 game (only 9 games were played in the 1982 season due to the strike). DeBerg and Elway shared the QB duties during the 1983 season before Elway took over as full time starter in 1984.

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The starting quarterback for the Broncos before Jay Cutler was Jake Plummer.

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Steve DeBerg

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Q: Who was the quarterback for the Denver Broncos prior to Jay Cutler?
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