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Casey Weldon

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Q: Who was the quarterback for the 1990 Florida State University football team?
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What was Florida State's quarterback Andrew's last name?

The Florida satte University quarterback you are thinking of is Andrew Skillern (Drew) Weatherford. He played for the University from 2004 - 2008.

Who was the quarterback of the 1966 Michigan State University football team?

Jimmy Raye, a junior.

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Who is the football coach for Florida State University?

Jimbo Fisher

Who is Florida state university's football coach?

Jimbo Fisher

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What college did Burt Reynolds played football at?

He played football at Florida State University.

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Did dallas raines play football at Florida state university?


What is the win loss record between Ohio State university and Florida State University in football?

Florida State is 3 - 0 versus Ohio State per

What city and state is Florida gators football team located?

The University of Florida is located in Gainsville, Florida, which is where they also play their home football games.

How many division 1-a football teams in Florida?

7 Teams from Florida competed in division 1-A football during the 2008 season: Florida Atlantic University Owls Florida International University Golden Panthers Florida State University Seminoles University of Central Florida Knights University of Florida Gators University of South Florida Bulls University of Miami Hurricanes

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