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Daunte Culpepper

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Matthew Stafford number 9.

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Q: Who was the qb for the lions last payoff game?
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Who were the quarterbacks in the last Detroit Lions payoff win?

Erik Kramer started at QB the last time the Lions won a playoff game. That was January 5, 1992 against the Cowboys, 38-6, at the Silverdome. The backup QB was Rodney Peete.

Who was the Lions qb in 1992?

Rodney Peete

Who was the quarterback during the Detroit Lions last winning season?

Through the 2010 season, the Lions last winning season was 2000 when they went 9-7. The starting QB was Charlie Batch and the backup was Stoney Case.

Who was the last QB from Notre Dame to win a bowl game?

Kevin mcdougal

Who was Detroit Lions quarterback in 1970?

Bill Munson started 8 games at QB and Greg Landry started 6 games at QB for the 1970 Lions.

Who was the quarterback for the lions in 1990?

Rodney Peete started 11 games at QB for the 1990 Lions, Bob Gagliano started 4 games, and Andre Ware started 1 game.

Is Dan Orlovsky Detroit Lions QB Jewish?

he is Jewish

When was the last time a black QB won a playoff game?

Doug Williams IN 1986,for the Washington Redskins.

QB when Alabama last won national championship?

Jay Barker was the QB when Alabama last won a National Championship.

What are the Name or Detroit Lions qb's?

Matthew Stafford # 9 Starting QB Daunte Cullpepper # 11 Backup Drew Stanton #5 3rd String

Who was the first pick in the 2007 NFL draft?

2005 Alex Smith QB Utah San Francisco 49ers

Why couldn't the Chicago Bears QB's reenter the game?

3rd string qb's are considered emergency qb's. If they enter the game before the 4th quarter begins, the starter and his back up can no longer return to the field.