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Q: Who was the president of the US yesterday?
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Who the US president?

Barack Obama Since Yesterday =]

How old is the current president?

The current US president, Barack Obama, turned 50 yesterday ( 8/04/11)

Who assasinated a american president?

Yesterday I assassinated 4 american president. But why assinate a american president? but who did it?

Is Laura Williamson a vice president of apple computer?

No. Yesterday she was vice president of Yahoo.

Who won the election yesterday?

President Barack Obama

Is yesterday an adverb in the sentence I went to a luncheon with the president yesterday?

Yes, yesterday is a temporal adverb, modifying the verb "to go" by placing it in a particular time setting. "The day before yesterday" would be an adverbial phrase.

Is yesterday a noun in the sentence many of us visted the tombstone yesterday?

In that sentence, yesterday is an adverb, 'visited yesterday'. An example sentence for the noun: Yesterday was the last day of the month. The last day of school was yesterday.

When was the last Olympics in the US?


When did US become state?


When was the summer Olympics held in the US?


When was Japan bombed by the Us?

it was bombed yesterday

When did Mary Pickford enter the US?


What part of speech is yesterday in the sentence the coach asked us to attend an extra practice yesterday?

It's an adverb.

Who was the first Oxford man to be elected president?

i dont know i was not born yesterday....

Who brought the merry go round to the us and when?

me and yesterday

When is the US marines birthday?

Yesterday, November 10

Who is the Vice-President of the US and President of the US Senate?

Joe Biden is Vice-President of the US and therefore President of the US Senate.

How do you use inaugarate in a sentence?

President Obama was inaugurated into office yesterday.

What time did the president speak yesterday?

5:00 pm wasington d.c time

Which is correct - 'Him and I met yesterday' or 'He and I met yesterday'?

"He and I met yesterday" is correct. Subjects use the nominative case (I, we, he, she) while objects use the objective case (me, us, him, her).

Do you have to be an US citizen to be the president of the US?

you have to be born a us citizen to be president

What is the US president called?

"Mr. President" is the traditional title for the US President.

Who was the 2 president of US?

who is the 2 president of the us?

Who was the 70th president of the US?

There is no 70th US President.

Has a President of the US of A become a Vice President of the US of A?