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India Cements

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India Cements

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Q: Who was the owner of super kings in 2008?
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When was Chennai Super Kings created?

Chennai Super Kings was created in 2008.

Who is the owner of super kings?

N. Srinivasan, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of India Cements Ltd., is the de facto owner of the Chennai Super Kings

Which team won ipl in 2008?

chennai super kings

Is bcci secretary n srinivasan a keralite?

no he is a from tamilnadu and the owner of Chennai super kings...!

Who is 2008 DLF IPL Runner-ups?

Chennai Super Kings

Who is the brand ambassador for chennai super kings in 2008?

Krishnamachary Srikkanth

Who was the owner of the patriots in Super Bowl 2008?

Robert Kraft.

Teams which won the ipl?

2012- Kolkata Knight Riders 2011-Chennai Super Kings 2010-Chennai Super kings 2009-Deccan Chargers 2008- Rajasthan Royals

Is salman khan is the owner of chanyi supar king?

No salman khan does not own chennai super kings. Chennai super kings is owned by any other organisation. Salman khan is only interested in acting and donations.

Chennai super kings highest score in ipl 2008?

240/6 vs Punjab

Who will win the ipl?

2008- Rajasthan Royals (RR)2009- Deccan Chargers (DC)2010- Chennai Super Kings (CSK)2011- Chennai Super Kings (CSK)2012- As of April 2012, Currently in progress.

Which is the Highest team total in ipl 2008?

240/5 Chennai Super Kings vs King’s XI