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The 72' Miami Dolphins went undefeated in a 14 game regular season and then went on to win the Superbowl. The 85' Chicago Bears were in line for an undefeated season and suffered their only loss to.... the Miami Dolphins! The 2007 New England Patriots went undefeated during the regular season, the only team to do so with a 16 game schedule, and would eventually lose to the New York Giants in the Superbowl.

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Q: Who was the only team to win an undefeated season of football?
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What team had the only undefeated and untied season in the history of football?

Miami dolphins

Has Texas Tech's football team ever gone undefeated?

No. In fact one season, they only won one game!

What football team will win the Super Bowl in the 2011 season?

Packers! They are undefeated

What is the farthest into a football season more than one team has been undefeated?

its only been one season the pats did it in 07 but lost in the super bowl

Who is the best football team of all time?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins.The only team in the NFL to go undefeated through an entire season 17 - 0 ( including playoffs ).

Did the Green Bay Packers ever finish the season undefeated?

No. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only team to finish the season undefeated (17-0).

What is the only NFL team to finish a season undefeated?

1972 Miami Dolphins.

What was the last season the OSU football team went undefeated to become the Big 10 Rose Bowl champions?

The answer is 2005

Was there any team in football that went undefeated in a season but didn't win their own country's league championship like Juventus will most probably do this year?

Arsenal went undefeated in the 2003-2004 premier league season

Who is the best football team in the 2011 season?

Through game 12, it's the Green Bay Packers. They're still undefeated.

Was Boise state undefeated in 2008?

The 2008 Boise State football team ended up with a 12-1 record and were WAC champions for the 6th season in 7. They went undefeated in Conference play and the rest of the 'regular season'. Their only loss was to TCU, 17-16, in the Poinsettia Bowl.

What year did the Cleveland Browns have an undefeated season?

The 1948 Cleveland Browns of the All American Football Conference had a regular season record of 14-0 and won the AAFC championship game over the Buffalo Bills to become the first professional football team to go through an entire season, including playoffs, undefeated.