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The Raiders played in Super Bowl II (January 14, 1968), Super Bowl XI (January 9, 1977), and Super Bowls XV (January 25, 1981) and XVIII (January 22, 1984).

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Q: Who was the only team to go to the Super Bowl in 60s 70s 80s?
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What was the nickname of Minnesota Vikings' defense in Super Bowl VIII?

Purple People Eaters was the nickname of the great Vikings defenses of the late 60s and 70s.

How many nfl teams have played in a super bowl in 4 different decades?

Two, the Raiders (60s, 70s, 80, 00s) and Steelers (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s). But it was the 1979 season for the Steelers so you could say only the Raiders have done it.

Did the Dallas Cowboys win a championship in the 60s?

No. Their first NFL championship was won on January 16, 1972 with a 24-3 victory over the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI in New Orleans.

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Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV on Jan. 11, 1970 23-7 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana against the Minnesota Vikings. The Chiefs also played the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I on Jan. 15 1967 losing 35-10 at Memorial Coliseum in L.A. California. The Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt is credited with coming up with the name "SuperBowl".

Who has won 3 Super Bowl rings with 3 different teams?

Matt_Millen">Matt MillenLinebacker Matt Millen was the first player to achieve the feat (Raiders, 49ers, Redskins). Millen has four rings, having won two with the Raiders (one with Oakland, one with L.A.). His Raiders rings do not constitute Super Bowl keepsakes from two different teams, since the Raiders relocation from Oakland to Los Angeles and back again to Oakland all fall under the heading of Raiders franchise history. Note: Running back Preston Pearson was suggested as the answer, after having appeared in Super Bowls with Baltimore (Super Bowl III), Pittsburgh (IX), and Dallas (X, XII, & XIII). However the Colts lost the Super Bowl III (to the New York Jets, 16 to 7).

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