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The Bears' aspirations of an undefeated season were spoiled by the Miami Dolphins, the only franchise ever to acheive that distinction. The Dolphins won that Monday night game 38-24 by consistently beating the blitz. They lost to the Miami Dolphins

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Miami Dolphins. I believe it was week ten at Miami.

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Q: Who was the only team that the Bears lost to in the 1985-86 season?
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What is the most the Chicago Bears ever scored in a game and still lost?

The most points the Chicago Bears have scored in a loss is 41 points. In week 7 of the 2013 season, the Bears lost to the Washington Redskins 45-41. It is the only time, since 1920 when the Bears started playing in the NFL as the Decatur Staleys, that they have scored more than 40 points and lost a game. While this loss may sting Bears fans, let them take heart and remember that the Bears greatest margin of victory came against the Redskins. In the 1940 NFL Championship game, the Bears pounded a hopelessly outmatched Washington squad 73-0.

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What is the most wins in an NFL season?

Including playoffs (16 game season): 1984 San Francisco 49ers 18-1 1985 Chicago Bears 18-1 2007 New England Patriots 18-1 Including playoffs (14 game season): 1972 Miami Dolphins 17-0 * (only undefeated team in NFL history) 13 game season: 1934 Chicago Bears 13-0 (lost in championship) 11 game season: 1942 Chicago Bears 11-0 (lost in championship) Not including playoffs (16 game season): 2007 New England Patriots 16-0 (18-1, lost in Super Bowl) (14 game season): 1972 Miami Dolphins 14-0 (17-0, won Super Bowl)

How many seasons did the dolphins go undefeated?

One. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only NFL team to go undefeated in both the regular season as well as the playoffs. Four teams have had an undefeated regular season, 1924 Bears, 1942 Bears, 1972 Dolphins, 2007 Patriots. With the exception of the Dolphins, they all lost the championship game.

What are the only 2 NFL franchises still around from the league's inagurial season?

Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals. In 1920, the NFL's first season, the Bears were the Decatur Staleys and the Cardinals were the Chicago Cardinals.

How many times have the bears lost the super bowl?

They've only lost the Super Bowl one time when they lost to the Indianopolis Colts 29-17.

How many times have the Chicago Bears defeated the Minnesota Vikings?

Through the 2011 season, the Chicago Bears have an all-time regular season record of 47-52-2 versus the Minnesota Vikings. The Bears are 1-0 in their only postseason meeting.

What NFL tight ends became NFL coaches?

I can think of only one, Mike Ditka, who was a tight end with the bears and cowboys. He then coached the Bears to there only superbowl win in the 1985 season.

Which NFL team has the most regular season wins in the history of the NFL?

Some how the Chicago Bears have the most wins, who have 693 regular-season victories at the start of the 2010 season. Although the Bears suck, because it only matters how many Lombardy trophies you have and the Pittsburgh Steelers have the most with 6 at the end of the 2010 season

Which 2 Division 1A teams have never lost 8 or more games in a season?

It was Tennessee and Michigan before this season. After this season though its only down to Tennessee. It was Tennessee and Michigan before this season. After this season though its only down to Tennessee.

What Year did the chicao bears win the super bowl?

The Bears won Super Bowl XX in New Orleans in January 1986.

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