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Q: Who was the only boxer to beat Sugar Ray Leonard?
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How many times did Sugar Ray Leonard win?

Sugar Ray Leonard won 36 times, while only losing 3 of them. He is known as being the first boxer ever to win over $100 million dollars in various awards and purses.

Can takamura beat ricardo martinez?

Ricardo Martinez is probably the only boxer in the world who can defeat Takamura

Who are Sugar Ray Leonard's brothers and sisters?

Sugar Ray Leonard has three sisters and two brothers. The only one who is fairly well known is his older brother, Roger, who actually began boxing first, but never made it a career.

Who was the only man to defeat boxer Gene Tunney?

Harry Greb is the only man on record to have beat Gene Tunney. On May 23 1922

Who is the best beat boxer ever?

benny urquidez was never defeated in the ring going 200-0

Did Sugar Ray fight Ron Aurit?

Yes, Ron Aurit fought Sugar Ray Leonard in 1976. And not only did Ron Aurit fight Sugar Ray and lost by a split decision at the legendary Blue Horizon, he also founded the Boxing Scholarship Foundation which raises money for boxers to go to college. Additionally, Sugar Ray Leonard fought Bernard Hopkins and Ron Aurit refereed the game.

How often does a boxer have pups?

a boxer should only have pupies twice every four months

Dog breed boxer normally price in India?

you can get a quality boxer only at 6.5 to 7 thousand rs.......

Who is Sugar Ray?

One of the greatest ever. Second 5 division champion (after Tommy hearns who did it that same weekend), olympic gold medalist, he beat hearns, duran, hagler, benitez and a host of others. only lost once in his prime to duran who quit against Leonard in the rematch. fast feet and even faster hands and a boxing brain that was second to none.

Could Triple H batter a UFC fighter?

yes triple h has huge muscles to beat one up he beat big show and rock so he will beat up a ufc fighter anyway a tna or a boxer would would beat up a ufc fighter too ufc fighters train only an hour in gym but train longer on punching

Is Robert Leonard from House M.D Joel Hoffman?

The only Robert Leonard in House M.D is Robert Sean Leonard who is the actor who plays Dr James Wilson

How do you tell if a boxer has boxer cardiomypathy?

The only way to definitively diagnose cardiomyopathy is with an ultrasound examination of the heart plus an EEG.