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Q: Who was the only athlete to letter in 4 sports at UCLA?
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What does a sports athlete do?

a sports athlete is a person who only plays and cares about sports.

What does 'athlete' mean in Greek?

It means someone who does a sport or sports . It it derived from άθλος (athlos) meaning a great achievement, but the word athlete is only used for sports.

What is Dave winfield the only baseball player to do?

He's the only athlete to be drafted by three major sports (baseball, football and basketball).

What is the name of a person who does sports for a living?

A Sportsman but it some people say it by the sport they do for example If someone played football you may call them a football player If someone was in the olypmics you may call them an athlete ect

Who is the only top level professional athlete to win a World Championship in two different sports?

Jim Thorpe

He is considered to be the best athlete in sports history although he is only 6'3 which is not tall in the NBA?

Michael Jordan??? Michael Jordan???

How do you combine the sentence my friend cheri won a medal she eaned the title athlete of the games?

Is this a sports question or a language one? What about: My friend Cheri not only won a medal but also earned the title 'Athlete of the Games.' or more simply, but not as good: My friend Cheri won a medal and earned the title 'Athlete of the Games.'

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Few individuals have dominated their sport as Secretariatdid, so it is only fitting that the Triple Crown winning horse was named the Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year in 1973.

Is Eli Manning still an athlete?

Yes, he is still an athlete. He is only 30 years old.

Why is only the U in the UCLA cursive logo capitalized?

The best answer I can come up with is that UCLA started off as an extension of Cal and later became its own school. Since Cal has cursive letters, UCLA copied the same logo style but only kept the U capitalized.

What should the body composition of a 14-year old male athlete be?

There is no specific body composition for you to be an athlete, only depending on what sort of athlete you want to be

How big is ucla?

the UCLA campus encompasses 419 acres, which includes approximately 174 buildings.