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Q: Who was the only Sabre to be the fastest player to 20 goals in a season?
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Which NHL player scored 70 goals the fastest in one season?

Wyane Gretzky

Which player is the fastest to score 100 premier league goals?

Cristiano Ronaldo he scoed at a rate of approximetlly 20 goals per season for Manchester United

Who is the fastest to twenty league goals in a season?

It is either Raul or alberto de Stefano.

Who was the fastest player to score 200 goals in there NHL career?


What is the Fastest 2 goals by one person?

Nathan Gerbe, Buffalo Sabres 2010-2011 season, 2 goals in 5 seconds

Who holds the record for fastest 2 goals by player in the Flames?

Lanny MacDonald

Which player has the highest number of goals in an spl season?

The most goals in a S.p.L is Rivaldo.

Most ice hockey goals in 1 season by one player?


Who was the 1st buffalo Sabre to register 100 points?

That was RW Rene Robert who scored exactly 100 points (40 goals, 60 assists) in the 1974-75 season.

Fastest premiership player to 100 goals?

Alan Shearer the England striker scored goals in 124 matches and his 100th against tottenham

Which English player scored the most goals in one season?

Dixie Dean with 60 goals for Everton

United player to score more goals in a season?

should that be most?