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Q: Who was the oldest captain to play cricket world cup?
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Who is the oldest player to play test cricket for England?

Lords Cricket Ground is the oldest in England.

Who was the oldest goalie to play in FIFA World Cups?

The oldest goalkeeper to play in a world cup is the Italian Dino Zoff , he was 40 years old, he is also the oldest captain to lift the F.I.F.A world cup in 1982 at 40 years.

Who was the captain of the Pakistan Cricket team in the 1999 Cricket World Cup?

Prudential World Cup Cricket 1975: Group B with participation of Pakistan Two cricketer captained Pakistan team 3rd Match, 7th June Aus-Pak, at Leeds Asif Iqbal was the Captain 8th Match, 11th June Pak-WIn at Birmingham- Captain Majid Jahangir Khan (Asif Iqbal didn't play) 12th match, 14th June Pak-SL, Nottingham, Captain Majid Jahangir Khan (Asif Iqbal did,nt play)

Could you play internation cricket captain online?


The oldest player to play a world cup match?

The oldest player and captain to lift the world cup OS the Italian Dino Zoff who was 40 years old in 1982.

Who was the oldest player to play worldcup cricket match?

It was Dave Richardson.

Who does Ricky Ponting play for in cricket?

He plays domestic cricket for The Kolkata Knight Riders, and is the Australian Captain.

If you were captain of Pakistan team?

If i am a captain of Pakistan cricket team. I would say just one line. Perform and play.

Do they play cricket in Canada?

Yes, first time to play in 2011 Cricket World Cup.

Who announced his retirement recently from the England Cricket Team?

Andrew Strauss, the former captain of the England ODI side has called it quits for England in ODIs after the 2011 Cricket World Cup. But he will yet play for England in tests.

Where you can play cricket in the world?

In iceland

What is a good captain of cricket?

Someone who knows all the rules, can play the game and is not up themselves.