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The oldest quarterback to ever play in an NFL game was George Frederick Blanda. He was 48 years old when he played in his last game with the Oakland Raiders in 1975

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Q: Who was the oldest Quarter Back to play in an NFL game?
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Who is the oldest quarter back to ever play on the NFL?

Warren moon

Can a Quarter Back spike the ball at anytime during the game?

yes, the quarter back spikes the ball so it can stop the clock so the team will have more time to run another play.

Who was the oldest quarterback to play the game?

George Blanda.

What football position should you play?

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Did the saints have a black back up quarter back in 1968?

Kelly play behind Kilmer

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satchel paige is the oldest baseball person to play in an allstar game

Who is the oldest person to play in an NBA game?

The oldest person to play in an NBA game was Providence Steamrollers coach Nat Hickey, who, in 1948, activated himself for one game in 1948 two days shy of his 46th birthday. The oldest player to play in more than one game in a season is Kevin Willis, who played five games in the 2006-2007 season with the Dallas Mavericks at the age of 44.

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