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Phil Simms, Otis Anderson, and Eli Manning.

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Q: Who was the mvp for the giants superbowl wins?
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How much does a Super Bowl MVP win?

Whoever wins superbowl mvp wins $5,000.

How many superbowl wins do the giants have?


What place in Super Bowl wins are the giants in?

Superbowl 24

Bill parcells Super Bowl wins?

Giants - Superbowl XXI and XXV

How many Super Bowl wins does giants have?

The New York Giants have 3 Superbowl titles (1986, 1990, 2007). They also have four titles in the pre-Superbowl era.

How many superbowl wins Drew Brees?

Andrew Christopher (Drew) Brees has won one superbowl. He was MVP of superbowl XLIV and during his 2009 Superbowl victory he tied wth Tom Brady's record of completions in a match (32).

Who are the quarterbacks for the Patriots and the Giants?

Tom Brady is the quarterback for the Patriots. Eli Manning is the quarterback for the Giants. tom brady for the patriots and Eli maning for the giants which just won the mvp award for the superbowl.

Who is a better quarter back Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Peyton manning 100% he has 9 pro bowls, 4 MVP's and a Superbowl win. Tom Brady has 4 pro bowls, 1 MVP and 3 Superbowl wins, Tom barady wins because of his overall team not just him

Tom Brady superbowl wins?

four superbowl wins

In the NFL when do they pick the MVP?

The NFL MVP is selected by voters following the last week of the regular season. The Superbowl MVP is chosen following the conclusion of the Superbowl.

Which NFL team has the best regular season win - loss record since 1992?

the patriots in 2008 had 16 wins and no losses in the regular season but had lost to the giants in the superbowl the patriots in 2008 had 16 wins and no losses in the regular season but had lost to the giants in the superbowl

How much super bowl wins does the giants have?

the giants are have 4 superbowl ( the bills, the broncos, and they beat the patriots twice in super bowl 42 and 46 the one that just happened) the giants also lost 1 superbowl to the raven( the raven destroyed the giants 34-7)

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