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There are a number of famous performers in gymnastics. It depends if you are talking about currently, or in the past. Either way:

Nastia Liukin
Shawn Johnson
Olga Korbut
Nadia Comaneci

JUst to name a few..

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My assshole

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Q: Who was the most successful gymnastics?
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Does gymnastics affect growth rate?

No! It's just that small people are most successful at gymnastics! Well, that's as far as I know, at least

Which country won the most Olympic gymnastics medals in 2012?

The most successful nation was China, winning five gold medals and 12 in total.

What does gymnastics do for you?

Most say that gymnastics the foundation for most sports. Gymnastics helps to grow strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Why is gymnastics a very successful sport for the Chinese?

I don't think there is a definite answer for this, but I believe that because the Chinese women are naturally small and thin, this helps them tremendously in Gymnastics.

Should you do gymnastics or soccer?

it depends on what you like because if you like gymnastics do that or if you like soccer most girls would do gymnastics and most boys would do soccer

How can you use gymnastics in a sentence?

When it comes to gymnastics, I just like to watch! His mental gymnastics were most tiresome.

What is the most challenging skill in gymnastics?

There is no most challenging skill in gymnastics. In gymnastics, you can always do a harder skill. For example, you could always twist more times around or flip more times.

When did gymnastics come about?

gymnastics was in the first Olympics with the Greeks! back then it was also most of the other sports they did too like running. all of them were catagorized into gymnastics!

What is the superlative form of successful?

more successful, most successful

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Is gymnastics better then ringette?

Most definitely not!!! :)