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As of the 2009 season, Bernie Williams was the last New York Yankee to win the American League batting tiitle with a .339 average in 1998.

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2010-01-15 06:08:41
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Q: Who was the most recent winner of a batting title for the new york yankee's?
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Who won the American League batting title in 1984?

Don Mattingly of the Yankees won the A.L. Batting title in 1984 with a .343 average.

Who was the most recent catcher to win a batting title in the National League?

That would Buster Posey, who won the title in 2012, last year. Before then, it's a long gap -- the most recent before Posey was Ernie Lombardi, who won the batting title in 1942.

Who were the last three New York Yankees to win a batting title?

The last Yankees hitter to win an American League batting title was Bernie Williams, who had a .339 average in 1998. Paul O'Neill won a title by hitting .359 during the 1994 season. And Don Mattingly led the A.L. in batting with a .343 average in 1984.

How many times did Babe Ruth win the A.L. batting title?

Babe Ruth won the American League batting title one time. He won it in 1924, batting .378 with the New York Yankees.

Who won the AL batting title in 1984 with a 343 average?

That player was Don Mattingly of the New York Yankees.

Who won 5 batting titles from 1983-1988?

Wade Boggs of the Boston Red Sox won the A.L. Batting Title in 1983 and then again from 1985 to 1988. Don Mattingly of the Yankees won the batting title in 1984.

Why are baseball averages rounded off in thousands instead of hundreds or tens?

That is done to ensure that a winner can be crowned for the batting title. Someone may hit .359, someone else may hit .357. If the decimal point is not carried out to the thousandth, there would be a tie for the batting title. And if there is a tie for the batting title with the average rounded at thousandths, the average will be rounded at ten thousandths to see if that would determine a winner.

What was Paul Oneil batting average in 1994?

In his second season with the New York Yankees, O'Neill won the American League batting title with a .359 average.

Who won the MLB 1928 batting title?

In 1928, Goose Goslin of the Washington Senators won the A.L. Batting Title with a .379 average. The National League winner was Rogers Hornsby of the Boston Braves with a .387 average.

Did the Yankees beat the Phillies in 2009?

Yankees 7, Phillies 3 - Back on Top, Yankees Add A 27th Title ...

What World Series title does the New York Yankees Derek Jeter hold?

In addition to being on the World Champion Yankees in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2009, Derek Jeter was also the 2000 World Series MVP and the 2000 Babe Ruth Award winner.

What year was the first title won by New York Yankees and the last one won by the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees' first title was won in 1923 and their last was won in 2000.

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