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Q: Who was the mascot when the University of Oregon won the 1939 NCAA basketball championship?
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Which Oregon University's mascot is the Duck and which is the Beaver?

Its always been the ducks for as long as i remember.

What university used Donald Duck as a mascot?

University of Oregon

What is the mascot of Oregon state university?

The Beaver

What is Californias basketball mascot?

if by "California," you mean the University of California... their mascot is "The Golden Bears"

What is the official mascot for Oregon State University?

Benny Beaver

What is the mascot for the Clemson basketball team?

The Clemson basketball team (also known as "The Clemson Tigers men's basketball") is the college basketball program of the Clemson University. The mascot of all Clemson University athletic teams is a tiger.

Who is the official mascot leader of the Oregon State University?

Benny the Beaver.

Is the Oregon Duck Mascot portrayed by a student?

Yes, the University of Oregon picks 4 Students to portray the Mascot each year, and some Students portray the Duck all 4 years they attend the University.

What NCAA basketball teams with the same mascot played against each other in the championship game?

Duke depaul

What sport team has an amphibian mascot?

Texas Christian University - Horned Frog Anaheim Ducks: Wild Wing University of Oregon: Roboduck

What is the mascot of Indiana university?

the mascot of the university of indiana is the greyhounds

Which college is the Gonzaga basketball team associated with?

The Gonzaga basketball team is the intercollegiate men's basketball team representing Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. The team's mascot is Spike The Bulldog.