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Q: Who was the male runner in the 2000 Olympics who was disqualified before the start of the race for starting too fast twice but did not actually start before the gun?
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How can an athlete be disqualified at the start of the race in the Olympics?

starting before the gun goes off or if in a relay, dropping the baton.

What is a sentence for disqualified?

Starting the race before the signal will disqualify you from winning.

Are olympic weightlifters allowed steroids?

No. Officially Olympics athletes are not allowed to take steroids or other performance enhancing drugs which would result in being disqualified if discovered. Athletes are screened multiple times before and during the Olympics to keep everyone on a level playing field.

What is the foul system in basketball?

In the NBA you are allowed 6 personal fouls before being disqualified from the game. In high school, college, and international games it's 5 fouls before being disqualified.

What is the name of one of the athletes that has been disqualified from the 2008 Olympics for taking drugs?

Vietnamese gymnast Thi Ngan Thuong Do was disqualified for using Lasix, a diuretic that can be used to mask the presence of other drugs. She was the first gymnast to ever compete in the Olympics for Vietnam and finished 59th in women's all around. North Korean shooter Kim Jong Su, a medalist in shooting, was disqualified when propranolol was found in a test. Propranolol is a medication known to lessen tremors. Russian walkers Valery Borchin and Vladimir Kanaikin were dropped from their country's team shortly before the Olympics because the banned substance EPO was found during a drug test. United States swimmer Jessica Hardy tested positive for clenbuterol at the Olympic Time Trials in July and was dismissed from the team.

How can they get disqualified on America's Next Top Model?

If they test positive for drugs.Revealing information about the show before it airs.

What countries will be in 2012 Olympics?

Same as the 2008 Olympics, and the 2004 Olympics, and the Olympics before that. and every other 4 years since the Olympics started.

How do drag racers get disqualified?

By Red Lighting or going before the green light on the Christmas tree or crossing the center line before the finish or hitting the wall before the finish

Has China actually made any profit from the Beijing Olympics?

Yes, Chinese people have increased profit greatly! Many people are actually looking for them now, because the beijiing Olympics were so popular. Well this isn't exact, but it is probably best the public can get, before the Bejing Olympics, China spent about 60 billion dollars on stadiums and all. According to the Chinese planner of the Olympics (I do not no if this is truth or not) they gained approximately 27-32 million dollars.

What ceremonies are part of the Olympics?

the olyimpic torch because it come before the real olympics

Who was the fastest man in the Olympics before African Americans were allowed in the Olympics?

usain bolt

Has Spain ever hosted the Olympics before?

Yes, Barcelona hosted the Olympics in 1992.