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Bill Kinney. He went to the Pro Bowl in 1983 and was drafted in 1977

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Q: Who was the lowest draft pick who went to an nfl pro bowl?
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Who was the lowest nfl draft pick to win rookie of the year?

Mike Anderson RB out of the University of Utah went 189th overall in 2000 and won rookie of the year honors.

What is the highest first round draft pick the Utah Jazz has had?

With the #2 draft pick in the 1980 NBA Draft, they obtained Darrell Griffith from the University of Louisville. -They passed by Kevin McHale who went on to be a Hall of Famer

Who went to the Miami Heat in 2010?

Shane Battier and rookie draft pick Norris Cole

Should Greg Oden go onto the NBA draft?

Yes, and he went with the 1st pick.

Which Redskins draft bust went on to win Super Bowl MVP with another team?

Desmond Howard

Who was the last pick in the 1996 nfl draft?

"Mr. Irrelevant", the last pick in the 1996 draft, was New Mexico State LB Sam Manuel. He was drafted by the 49ers. He never went anywhere in the NFL.

What team did Barack Obama pick for the Super bowl XLIII game?

he went for the steelers

Where did Casey go to college?

Casey Hampton went to college at Texas and was the 19th overall pick in the 2001 draft.

Where did Casey Hampton go to college?

Casey Hampton went to college at Texas and was the 19th overall pick in the 2001 draft.

Was Reggie White the number one draft pick?

Reggie White was a first round draft choice of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1984 but was not the first player chosen in that draft. That distinction went to Irving Fryar who was selected by the New England Patriots. Actually Reggie White was selected in 1984 out of the USFL in the Supplemental draft. Irving Fryar was chosen in the regular draft. White was the 4th pick after Steve Young, Mike Rozier and Gary Zimmerman.

What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers draft Barry Foster?

He was the 19th (128th overall) pick of the 5th round of the 1990 draft. He was picked by the Pittsburgh Steelers and went on to play in 2 pro bowls at the running back position.

Who is Santonio Holmes?

Santonio Holmes was a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was the 2008 Super Bowl MVP after 9 receptions, 131 yards and the game winning touchdown catch with 35 seconds to play. Santonio played at Glades Central High School in Florida and eventually went on to play at Ohio State University. He was the 25th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. On April 11, 2010, Santonio Holmes was traded to the New York Jets for a fifth round draft pick.