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New York Giants.

The Giants won Super Bowl XLII (2007 season) but lost the first game of the 2007 season, 45-35, to the Dallas Cowboys.

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Q: Who was the last super bowl winner who lost their first game of the season?
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What Super Bowl winner had the best regular season record?

The Miami Dolphins won Super Bowl VII after posting a regular season record of 14-0.

Who won the coin toss in the 2008 Super Bowl?

Since Super Bowl XXXIV (2000) here are the results on who won or lost after correctly calling the coin toss. 2000 Super Bowl XXXIV - the winner of coin toss won Super Bowl 2001 Super Bowl XXXV - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl 2002 Super Bowl XXXVI - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl 2003 Super Bowl XXXVII - the winner of coin toss won Super Bowl 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl 2005 Super Bowl XXXIX - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl 2006 Super Bowl XL - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl 2007 Super Bowl XLI - the winner of coin toss lost Super Bowl (heads) 2008 Super Bowl XLII - the winner of coin toss won Super Bowl (tails)

Who was the first super bowl winner?

The green bay packers

How many quarterbacks have won a Super Bowl in their second season?

Three quarterbacks have won the Superbowl in their second season in the NFL. The quarterbacks are:Kurt Warner, 1999 St Louis Rams - First NFL Season 1998, First Super Bowl in 1999, Super Bowl XXXIVTom Brady, 2001 New England Patriots - First NFL Season 2000, First Super Bowl in 2001, Super Bowl XXXVIBen Roethlisberger, 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers - First NFL Season 2004, First Super Bowl in 2005, Super Bowl XLRussell Wilson, 2013 Seattle Seahawks - First NFL Season 2012, First Super Bowl in 2013, Super Bowl XLVIII

Who was first president to call the Super Bowl winner?

Gerald Ford

What is th name of the game that the winner of the AFC and the NFC play in at the end of the season?

The Super Bowl.

When was the last time the super bowl winner missed the playoffs the next season?

The Steelers in 2007

How many season until Tom Brady won a super bowl?

He won his first Super Bowl in his second season in the NFL

What are all the years in which the Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowls?

Super Bowl IX (1974 season) Super Bowl X (1975 season) Super Bowl XIII (1978 season) Super Bowl XIV (1979 season) Super Bowl XL (2005 season) Super Bowl XLIII (2008 season)

Who was first Super Bowl winner?

The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I, 35-10.

Who were the MVP's for the first Super Bowl?

1967 Super Bowl I MVPThe winner of the MVP Award for the 1967 Super Bowl I was Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr.

What is the shortest amount of time it took a QB to get to and win a Super Bowl?

Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers was the starting QB of a Super Bowl winner in his 2nd season.

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