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I think, Ronaldo (Brazil) for Real Madrid in 2003.

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Q: Who was the last player to score a hat-rick against man united at old trafford?
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Last Manchester united player to score a hatrick against arsenal?

Dwight Yorke

Against which team Henry scored his first hatrick when he was in arsenal?

It was against Manchester United.

Qpr player hatrick against Manchester United?

Just one. Dennis Bailey netted a hat-trick at Old Trafford in QPR's 4-1 win in front of the ITV cameras on New Years day (Sir Alex Ferguson's Birthday) 1992.

Who was the Last player to score a hatrick against Manchester united?

Ronaldo when he played for Real Madrid. Truely the best player to play the game. He is the only one to score on them in 3 decades.

Who was the last team to score 6 goals against man united at old trafford?

Man City deafeted united 6-1 at old trafford on 23 Oct. 2011

Which Brazilian striker scores a hat-trick against Manchester united in old trafford?


Who was the last Man United player to score a hat trick against Everton?

I think it was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when he scored four against Everton at Old Trafford in a 5-1 win.

Which German player has played under Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford?

The Cologne born Ron-Robert Zieler was an unused substitute goalkeeper during United's League Cup win against Middlesbrough at Old Trafford on 23-Sep-2008. Manchester United have never fielded a German born player in the Premier League.

Is the trafford center in Manchester?

old trafford is the home stadium for the Manchester United

Who is the tenant of Old Trafford?

The tenant of Old Trafford is Manchester United F.C.

Last Manchester united player to score a hatrick in an away game?

Wayne Rooney vs Bolton 06/07

What team has scored the most goals against Manchester united at old trafford?

Steven Gerrard has scored 3

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