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The last straight steal was by Chris Nelson of the Colorado Rockies in the bottom of the 8th against the Cincinnati Reds pitcher Nick Masset on September 9, 2010.Now it is Jayson Werth of the Philadelphia Phillies on May 13, 2009 against Ronald Belisario and the Dodgers.Jacoby Ellsbury April 26th, 2009As of about 10 PM EST 4/26/09 it's Jacoby Ellsbury of the Red Sox, against Petite and the Yankees (I just watched it) It was pretty cool :)

Now its Jacoby Ellsbury!

April 26th 2009 vs New York Yankees with the bases loaded!

Previously . . .

Here are the last five straight steals of home in reverse chronological order (as of October 24, 2007):

September 17,2007 - In the third innin against the Angels, B.J. Upton of the Rays had a straight steal of home against Kelvim Escobar.

May 29, 2007- Aaron Hill, second baseman, Toronto Blue Jays

Blue Jays third base coach, Brian Butterfield, had clued the players in before the game that the situation might arise. It did. With the score tied 1-1, and 2 outs in the bottom of the seventh inning, the Blue Jays had runners on first and third against the Yankees. With a 1-1 count on batter Royce Clayton, lefty pitcher Andy Pettite focused intently on Jason Phillips, the Blue Jays runner at first base. Butterfield gave the go signal, and Aaron Hill took off from third base, taking advantage of the fact that Pettite was not watching him at all. Catcher Jorge Posada had to shout to Pettite to throw the ball. The hurried pitch came in high, and Hill slid in safely under the tag.

July 5, 2006 - Carl Crawford of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays stole second, third and home (straight steal in 4th inning) in a game against the Red Sox, making him the last player to complete the "stolen base cycle" in a game.

July 2, 2006 - Angels' shortstop Orlando Cabrera stole home against Chad Billingsley of the Dodgers. Surprised, Billingsley stopped his motion, stepped off the mound, and Cabrera slid in uncontested. Billingsley was called for a balk. However, since the advancing baserunner caused the balk, the stolen base superceded the balk and was correctly awarded to Cabrera.

August 26, 2005 - Grady Sizemore of the Cleveland Indians, vs. Toronto Blue Jays.

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Q: Who was the last player to have a straight steal of home plate in a regular season major league game?
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