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Gary Lion - 10 for Melbourne v Footscray in the semi-final 18-Sep-1994.

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Cameron Ling at 23min 59 seconds.

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Q: Who was the last person to kick tens goals in a AFL finals match?
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Last person to kick 11 goals in afl match?

Stephen Milne in 2005

Who was the last person to kick 100 goals in the AFL season?

During just the season, not including finals, Tony Lockette was the top one to kick 107 goals in the AFL in 1998. Then in 2001, for the whole season, including finals, Matthew Lloyd kicked 105.

Last person to kick 10 goals in an AFL match?

Jonathan Brown did against Carlton in 2007

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The first to kick a tally of 100 goals for any club?? Well that would be Dick Lee for Collingwood early in the 20th Century.

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How many goals did Wayne Carey kick?

Wayne Carey, one of the greatest AFL players of all-time, kicked 738 goals during his 272 match-career with North Melbourne and Adelaide.

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