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Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox who hit .406 in 1941. Williams was proud of this feat but to the surprise of many Baseball fans he said that playing in Fenway Park helped allot.

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Q: Who was the last person to hit bat 400 in the Major Leagues?
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Last person to bat 400 in the major leagues?

If you mean the last person to bat over .400, then the answer is Ted Williams.

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Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941. However, some people say the last .400 hitter was Artie Wilson of the Negro leagues' Birmingham Black Baron. Wilson hit .402 in 1948.

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ty cobbCorrect answer:Ty Cobb last hit .400 in 1922, George Sisler and Roger Hornsby also hit .400 that year. The last player to hit .400 was Ted Williams in 1941 with a .406 average

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