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Frank Lampard

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Q: Who was the last midfielder to score 4 goals in a football match?
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How many goals will a player score to take the football in a match?

Traditionally, any player who scores three goals in a match is given the match ball.

Which team score most goals in a single match of world cup football 2010?


Is it possible to score 100 goals in one Football Match?

No it is not possible, even as you only have 90 minutes it is not possible to score every minute.

What was the highest score in an arsenal football match away?

In an Arsenal verses Spurs game there were a total of eleven goals scored..

If a player score four goals in a match is called what?

4 goals scored in a football match is quite a special achievement. It is therefore called a "Super-Hattrick".

Player to score most goals in match?

Is it Ronoldhino.

How do you score goals football?

A person needs to pass to a member of their team that person has to run up the pitch and try and get the ball past the goalkeeper and score a goal. If a player scores the goal 1 point will be added to their team.

What is the highest score in football history?

The largest known win in a professional, senior match was 36-0 when Arbroath beat Bon Accord in a Scottish Cup match in 1885.

Who score most goals in European club football?

Raul with 71 goals

Which team score highest goal in a match during fifa football world cup 2010?

Portugal scored 7 goals verses North Korea.

Who is the player score highest goals in football?


What do they call it when you score 3 goals?

In football, a hattrick