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Penn State in 1996

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Q: Who was the last big ten team to beat USC?
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Last Big 10 team to beat USC?

Penn State August 25, 1996

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Ohio State's football team's final record last year?

11-2 - Big Ten Champs, Rose Bowl victory over Oregon by two scores. Losses to USC and Purdue.

What team had the highest score in big ten football?

Michigan beat Illinois last week. Triple OT, 67 to 65. I think...

What was the last big ten football team to win the Rose Bowl?

Through the 2008 season, Michigan. Michigan lost to USC, 28-14, in 2004 and lost to Texas, 38-37, in 2005.

What is the only Big Ten team to beat every other Big Ten team in one season?

Illinois, in 1983

What Big 10 team did UT beat in 2005?


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Last Super Bowl played at the Rose Bowl?

This year (09'), it was USC and Penn State. USC won 38-28.

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