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No one. Players are not allowed to play for two different teams in the same game in professional Baseball.

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Q: Who was the last baseball player to play in the same game for both teams?
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Can a player play for two teams in the same baseball game?


What is the most runs scored by a team or both teams in an NCAA college baseball playoff game?


What is the total number of players on both teams in a baseball game on Mario super sluggers?

It is 18

What is the rubber game mean in baseball?

It is the last game of a series, when both baseball teams split the previous games. For example, if the series is tied 1-1, the third game would be the rubber game.

Was there ever a player to score for both teams in one game?

2003 Larry Fitzgerald scored for both his and his opponents team against the Oakland raiders

What is the value of an autographed poster from the 1982 MLB All star game in Montreal which is signed by every player on both all star teams?

An autographed photo of a single team is selling for about $2000 on ebay. You do the math if you have both teams.

When did baseball playoffs add more teams?

with a wildcard game

What is the total number of payers on both teams in a baseball game?

18 active players total. 9 defenders on the field and 9 on offense batting.

When 2 baseball teams play each other for 2 games is it called a 2 game set or a 2 game series?

It could be called both but is usually called a 'series'.

Have both teams in one game every thrown a no hitter?


Most Homers in a game?

The most ever hit by a player in a game was four, by a bunch of different people. The Blue Jays hit 10 in a game. And there was a combined 12 homeruns in a game by both teams, which was done twice.

What baseball player walked 6 times in 1 game?

Jefff Bagwell and Jimmie Foxx both have.