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Mickey Stanley

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Q: Who was the last baseball player to play all 9 positions in the same game?
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Who was last college baseball player to play 9 positions?

Buster Posey did it in the same game in 2008!

Who was the last baseball player to play all 9 positions in a 9 inning game?

mike lieberthal

Who was the last person to play all nine positions on a baseball field in one college baseball game?

The last person to accomplish this was in the year 2008, as a Florida State player played every position in a single game.

How long can a baseball game last?

There is no clock in baseball and there are no ties. Game can last forever.

Is Chipper Jones a present or past baseball player?

His last game was October 3, 2012.

Who was the last baseball player to play in the same game for both teams?

No one. Players are not allowed to play for two different teams in the same game in professional baseball.

Which game takes longer a soccer game or baseball?

Baseball. There is no clock. It can essentially last forever.

When is A baseball game is never over until?

the last out

When was Jackie Robinson's last baseball game?

in 1957

Why is the ninth inning important in baseball?

It is the last inning of the game and what can be the outcome of a game.

How long does a baseball game last?

On average a nine inning baseball game normally runs 3 hours.

When was the last shutout in an all-star baseball game?


How long does a normal baseball game last?

3 hours

Who was the last 35 game winner in baseball?

Denny mcclain

When was the last baseball game played at Ebbets Field?


Why is the ninth inning significant in baseball?

It is the last inning of a game and it determines the outcome of a game.

How long does athletic chalk last on the field?

I know for a baseball game about 1 game

Who was the last player to act as general manager for his team?

Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds was the last player-manager in baseball.

What is the last name of Stan the famous baseball player?


Is there a former professional baseball player with a last name payano?


Last Liverpool player to score in front of kop?

Ashley Neal in a reserve game was the last. Julien Dicks was the last in a first team game.

What was the date of Jackie Robinson's last baseball game played?

Jackie Robinson played his last game on September 30, 1956

Who was the last active player in Major League Baseball to have been in the Negro Leagues?

Hank Aaron was the last Negro League player to have a regular position in the Major League. Minnie Minoso was the last to actually play in a MLB game. (Two games for the White Sox in 1980.)

What does the abbreviation CL stand for in baseball?

Closer. This refers to the last pitcher in a baseball whose job is to usually get the last 3 outs of a standard baseball game.

How many home runs did Jackie Robinson hit the last game?

On September 30, 1956, the day of his last game as a Major League Baseball player, Jackie Robinson went 1-for-4 with a strikeout and one solo home run.